What Is A Man?

The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.
Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.

–W.B. Yeats

Despair makes young US men more conservative ahead of US election, poll shows

A very insightful seventeen minutes of video from Due Dissidence.

I would add that for men in general, the answer is not so much retrenching into America-First (and keeping-what’s ‘mine’) as it is just saying fuck it, outta here, to the whole idea of trying to go on living in this hateful and hypocritical mess of a society.

And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

Cracking The Wall

“They have tricked you into thinking
that choosing your own Massa
is the same as being free.”

from Jones Plantation, a film allegory talking about voting, slavery and ‘democracy’

Damn straight. But that’s not why I’m here now.


The wall panels are basically just glued up there. There are cute little framing pieces (top center) that it seems are just glued too. Behind this, so far as I’ve dared to go, there’s just regular drywall–obviously it’s been cut though, doubtless for accessing the guts of the water system just like I need to do.

So far so good. It might be that since the panels are not actually the wall, I can tear them away and still not open the pipes to the frolics of kittens in the middle of the night.

(I take my waking slow.)

Also, if my luck holds, I might not have to spend $45 apiece on new panels. When I’m done, I can smear on drywall patch and paint, right? Maybe.

I wonder why the original wallcutters didn’t do that themselves; hmm?

My wonderings will be addressed in time with the experience.


As the film trailer indicates, I’m finding myself in strange corners of the Internets, trying to have something interesting to listen to while I work.

Strange corners of my own archives as well.

Here for instance is a picture I took deep inside the Carlsbad Caverns toward the end of last year.

Handling the Truth

Speaking of lily white and squeaky clean.

The new young pretty blonde articulate head of NPR is an absolutely perfect example.

Her role is to take a perfectly good and even laudable theory (relativism, in this case), and turn it to the service of a perfectly evil end. The clickbait headline gets it almost right:

NPR’s New CEO Is The Epitome of EVIL!

No, guys. Sorry. She’s not evil, per se, although she’s very definitely not one of the Good People as she would like you to believe she is.

What you mean is that her career and her life’s work consists of taking (even good or at least good-sounding) ideas–and perverting them to do the devil’s own work.

And now she runs, for fuck’s sake, poor old broken NPR; gods help those poor deluded fools.


I want to point out two other theological points on which I find myself a little off the beaten path compared to the people I listen to regularly and admire in the alternative media. Both of them are more concrete than this one above–maybe I got myself a case of, um, different Truth. (Which by the way is not the same as ‘alternative facts’.)

The host here, Jimmy Dore, is more or less on board with the idea now that climate change is a hoax being foisted upon us by the billionaire and PMC classes, for their own profit, and to get the masses comfortable with the idea of having less and less. (Climate Czar John Kerry criss-crossing the globe in his private jet going to meetings where he bloviates about the average person’s carbon footprint and how that is what’s killing us all. ‘It’s not a Chinese hoax. It’s an oligarch hoax.’)

Most of the people I listen to regularly have evolved similar views on the climate question.

They’re not all the way wrong. They’ve just reached a consensus point of being half-right.

I believe that climate change is very real.

I also believe that our real hidden Masters, and their lavishly paid spokesmodels like this new NPR head, are absolute experts at taking real truths and twisting them to fit an agenda that Power can slap average people around with.

If you watched Planet of the Humans, you know very well that people like Al Gore and Bill McKibben are making truckloads of money, decade after decade, by preaching about things like solar energy and electric cars.

But spending big on a Tesla or an acre of windmills for your home is not going to save you, or your children, or anyone else.

It’s just going to make the fat cats fatter and enable a robustly greenwashed version of capitalism–which idolizes overconsumption and endless growth. The ideology as Ed Abbey said, of the cancer cell.

There’s another example hidden in there too. The planet really is vastly overpopulated with human animals. It’s an undeniable fact, and just like climate change, it will have to be reckoned with someday, and that reckoning will be a real catastrophe for a whole lot of people.

Doubtless it will be much easier, in broad general terms, on the rich than the poor.

Maybe John Kerry’s kids will continue to jet around the world even as it burns below them.

But the fact that self-serving rich people preach out of one side of their mouths about the climate does not make the whole thing a hoax in any way at all.


The other big thing right now is the gender binary.

The alternative media, prodded along by stories of doctors and shrinks making tons of money from peddling trans solutions to confused and vulnerable adolescents, and stories about idiots wanting to fuck up women’s sports by competing against women while wearing large hairy bodies, have retreated into the gospel of only two genders. ‘You’re a boy or you’re a girl, end of story’!

Horse paste, bitches.

Like any proper woman, and no official man ever, I personally wear two X chromosomes, along with a Y hanging around that makes me tall and rather more muscular.

I am literally, chromosomally, and god bless us scientifically a third gender.

I don’t want to use the other bathroom. I don’t want to ‘identify’ as a woman, even though I have every biological and moral right to do so. I don’t want to play in the WNBA.

Gross doctors and whimpering teen victims don’t turn transgenderism into a hoax, and no amount of shrill stories can make the hardcore gender binary into anything even close to a Truth.

That’s all I have to say today by way of the promised second example.


One more thing, speaking of NPR.

I heard a quick hit today on their air, during the state news, about the BLM trying to open up some of their allegedly public lands to Restoration Projects, and I thought: Well damn, maybe that’s a way to live on, remediate, and actually help those abused parcels to be restored to something a little more … Anaprim, yeah?

I was dreaming of course.

The short version is that this is just a big pissing contest between extractive capitalists like ranchers, and woke capitalists like ‘solar energy companies’. The corrupt reds versus the corrupt blues.

How nice it would be to live in a world where we could settle some of the homeless among us, the tired and the poor and the huddled masses yearning to breathe free, out on pretty but greed-damaged land, and everybody could anarchically win.

But that’s neither real nor true.

Longer version follows, with a link to the full story.


BLM to finalize rule allowing federal leases targeted at protection of natural areas

… It also creates two new types of leases focused on protecting natural areas. The BLM already leases parcels of land for extractive industries including energy development, mining and livestock grazing.

The rule is likely to set off a conflict in Congress, where Republicans immediately on Thursday renewed their criticism of President Joe Biden’s conservation policies.

In a deviation from the March 2023 draft rule that proposed a new category of conservation leases, the final rule will allow two new types of leases: restoration and mitigation.

Restoration leases will be “a tool for investment in the health of our public lands” an agency fact sheet reads. Lessees would be empowered to work to restore lands, including those impacted by other uses.

Similarly, mitigation leases would be a tool to offset the impacts of other BLM land uses. The agency said an example could be a solar power company that has a facility on BLM land may receive a mitigation lease to restore nearby habitat to mitigate the impact of its development.

The rule is in line with BLM’s multiple-use mandate that requires balancing energy development, mining, recreation and other uses on the nation’s public lands, the agency said.

(Fuck your mandate with a sharp stick, bureaucrats.)


The Mountain Pact, a coalition of local leaders from Western states, released a statement praising the rule.

“The BLM’s Public Lands Rule highlights the need for the agency to work with local communities to focus on the conservation of land, water, and wildlife to ensure communities can protect future access to federal public lands while combating the growing impacts of climate change,” Patrice Horstman, the chair of the Coconino County, Arizona, Board of Supervisors, said in the statement.

David Willms, associate vice president for public lands at the National Wildlife Federation, said in a written statement the rule gives BLM “new tools to restore and conserve degraded lands, while supporting robust local economies. The rule will help the agency identify intact landscapes that wildlife depend on for survival, which will ensure that they thrive for decades to come.”


Republicans on the U.S. House Natural Resources Committee approved a bill, sponsored by Utah Republican John Curtis, last year to block the rule from taking effect. The legislation has not received a vote from the full House.

“This rule from the Biden Administration undermines the very people who rely on our federal lands for ranching, grazing, recreation, and beyond,” Curtis said in a Thursday release.


Soooo much difference between the Crips and the Bloods. Soooo very important to vote for the good people and frown at the bad ones, and to point and laugh at the crazy ones from some other underpowered gang.

Talk about your shithole countries.

This place sucks ass six ways to Sunday.

You run along and do-right and vote your troubled conscience now, pumpkin. If I don’t come back soon tell them to look for what the coyotes left of me up the wash, and I’ll be happy to never have to listen to ‘the news’ ever again.

Regulars: Thinner Each Day

Maybe you care and maybe you don’t.

I’m very interested in the question.

Holding On To The Empire

The scintillating point in the first half hour is that We Can’t Make It Here Anymore.

It starts in school, where we graduate a shrinking number of engineers relative to the emerging world.

Then those engineers are incentivized to make apps for phones instead of anything real or consequential.

They go to work for companies that care about nothing but profit, and those companies set up the rules so that it’s illegal to not-profit for a higher cause, like back during the good war.

They vote for whatever buffoon promises to keep this gravy train running for them all, regardless of the consequences.

They become influencers who care passionately about things like abortion and who can use which bathroom.

The world moves on behind them and then past them.

We’re living it right here now today.

I don’t hate the Chinese immigrant who took my job.

No, I hate the man who sent my job away, all lily white and squeaky clean.

Oh no, his kids won’t bleed in the war that inevitably crashes the hegemony.

They say some people just want to watch the world burn.

Some days, these days, I can see where they’re coming from; where they’re going to.

The Wall

From the previous picture you can see that behind the toilet is drywall …

Which I don’t want to have to cut into, unless it was strictly necessary.

It isn’t.

This is the other, ‘living room’ side of that same wall.

You’re looking at a 4×8 piece of thin wall paneling, which is worth about $45 at the current brand-new price. I will likely be paying it, for at least one panel, because this is how I’m going to get into the heart of the utility known as running water, and replace the pipe and the valve and the hose behind the toilet.

Even if I didn’t have to do it this way (though I believe I do), I want to expose what is under this existing panel to my own personal inspection anyway–to finally have a complete understanding of how water enters the house, gets routed to sinks and the shower and all the rest, and then is drained away down to the sewers after being used, to wash bodies or clothes or dishes, or evaporate from the AC unit … or whatever.

There’s another exciting possibility, down there at the lower left.

Whoever put this system together long ago wanted a bathtub, just like I do.

I deeply doubt whether they actually ever had that functionality. Because … shouldn’t the tub drain be much lower, and the hot and cold water faucets higher? I hypothesize thusly, but maybe ripping out the panel will enlighten me on that score as well.

I will then have the basic knowledge necessary to begin planning for that hot dream of a long soak in my own place (if not yet the resources to make that dream a reality–someday).

Among other things, God alone knows what else is going to need to be replaced underneath there, and what that might cost.

I would tear down the panel today and start to find out, except for one thing, named Lexi the very curious Cat.

Instead I’m going to go do my walk, and meditate upon what I can do about that problematic little furball at this very early preliminary stage of the Project.

Out Thinking Loud

Rightbaby, I’ve put my finger on the ultimate issue WRT the utilities problem.

It is: that the water to the toilet can’t fully be shut off from inside, because this valve and hose are not completely holding it back, and need to be replaced.

It’s very likely that to do that, I’m going to have to go into the wall.

Then one fine Wednesday I will need to

–call the city to come shut off water at the main (they forbid owners doing this themselves, although I would very much like sometime to install another valve this side of their meter to regain my independence …),
–dry up the toilet manually and then remove it,
–determine exactly what new parts are needed and run 50 miles to obtain them,
–come back and install the new parts of the system, and,
–call the city to come turn the water back on.

None of that has anything to do with the blockage in the sewer/drain system that started all this. So while the toilet is safely pulled, I will simultaneously need to diagnose and remediate that whole thing, which may turn this into a two or three day job.

Not to mention that during that time with the toilet out of my way, I will very much want to re-patch the wall, paint it, and lay down the very first of the new flooring, around the base of it, Pergo at 2.29 per square foot at the least, although I could start with as little as 16 square feet, forty bucks worth for that part, not counting the cost of things like moisture barrier, caulking, and Henry’s Feather Finish (and/or Unipro) for liquid leveling of the ancient plywood subfloor.


It’s no walk down the wash. It’s no gloriously trendy vanlife conversion.

But it needs doing and there’s no one else but me to do it.


Out beyond Rafah and Damascus and Ocheretyne, this is what my real life consists of now.

The Biggest Mistakes Everyone Makes When Cracking Eggs

Toilet Seal Replacement – Wax or Danco?

How To: Choose the right flooring for your home (laminate, and maybe specifically Pergo–it’s waterproof)

How To Prep Wood Subfloor for Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring for Beginners

I’ve been studying my utilities. Where they come into the house, what walls they flow down inside, and what needs to happen first to fix the existing problems.

I have a pretty good sense of the gas and the electric and the water.

But I still need to understand the drainage systems.

And what to do about flooring.

Yes really.

F Around Find Out

Corporate media is chock full of spin right now, about Israel’s glorious defense.

Here’s what actually happened:

“The Dome” COMPLETELY FAILED! – Scott Ritter

The headline is clickbait, but in the important senses, it’s also true.

The “99%” of missiles that were shot down were mostly decoys.

Iran did not use its most serious threat, i.e., hypersonic missiles. But it did show what would happen if they did. It’s not a secret or a guess anymore, what would happen if Netanyahu expanded his bloody and lopsided little war against the babies of Palestine.

We wouldn’t have to argue any more about whether Israel had a “right to exist”, because …

It just wouldn’t.


On a more personal note, six-year-old Hind Rajab is my sister now and for always, even though she’s gone now.

Her story is here. It’s posted on Rumble because YouTube doesn’t want you to know about her. Go straight to the ten-minute mark of the video if she’s all you want to know.

Magical Thinking

The Ukrainian 25th And 67th Brigades Will Be Disbanded.

I’ve been watching the “Special Military Operation” very closely for over two years, and most of those two years it has been about as exciting as watching paint dry.

That is starting to change very rapidly.

The new general of generals for the plucky little defenders is finding that his troops are becoming insubordinate, and refusing at last to fight and die in hopeless battles like the one about to go down in Chasov Yar.

I would probably do the same in their shoes. Things are going from bad to worse like a downhill snowball gathering mass, fatefully.

His response has been to sack commanders, and now to dissolve groups of soldiers (the story of the 67th brigade is especially interesting) and salvage what he can from them.

Meanwhile, the witless President of France is rattling his saber and threatening to invade.

Meanwhile, the Empire is deadlocked over how many more billions to pump into the debacle, mostly to its own contractors and donors, before everything comes crashing down.

Meanwhile, some hockey team made the playoffs, and Iran bombed Israel back last night.

Meanwhile, I reached a state of detente and grace with my own plumbing and electrical systems here in the casita far away.